Why Choose uAdventure

Why uAdventure?

uAdventure Travel is a travel agency provider for short-term faculty-led study abroad programs.   We coordinate and customize every program specifically so that the travel elements fit into the classes you already teach and you don't have to re-think your course content.   uAdventure Travel has a professor on staff who has led study abroad programs all over world.  It was his experience along with the desire to foster more customizable programs that helped establish uAdventure Travel.  With a professor on staff, uAdventure understands the unique needs of study away programs in a way no other travel agency can.  We've taken students from Eastern Europe to Asia and the Amazon Jungle. We plan the most educational and adventurous programs for both students and faculty alike and we'll organize your trip down to the last detail.  


Also on staff is an international government professional with a masters degree in international public policy who provides participants with unique country education package and a safety assessment on the destination of choice.  Other staff members come with many years of experience in hospitality enabling us to customize each adventure to your needs and provide business, historical, geographical, social and government connections.  














uAdventure Travel has a unique, comprehensive program for study abroad.  We not only help you plan your travel program, but we also help you better market your program to your students to peak student interest!  Our program includes:

  • Program Marketing Posters

  • PowerPoint Presentations for Classroom or Info Session Presentations

  • A Dynamic, HTML Email Marketing Campaign

  • Full Color Sales Itinerary

  • Take-away Materials for Prospective Travelers

We will help you get a buzz going about your program.  Our programs literally sell themselves!


Would you like to start experiencing the amazing benefits studying abroad has to offer?  Would you like to travel to new and exciting places?  ARE YOU READY FOR ADVENTURE? Give us a call at 417-771-8885 or fill out the form below to find out more...