Meet Our Agents


Hello educators! My name is Kaitlyn, and I am passionate about travel and exploring different cultures. I would be thrilled to plan your study abroad experience! Let’s connect and I will curate a seamless adventure beyond the classroom walls to reflect your teachings that you + your students will always look back on.


I am excited to help my clients with coordinating the adventure of a lifetime. I know from personal experience the worthwhile educational and cultural experiences that are waiting for you and I am excited to help you on your journey.


After too many years of being an electrical engineer I decided to pursue my dreams and help organize travel experiences for others. My travels throughout Europe have been life changing :)


I'm a young, college graduate with a Master's Degree in Tourism Management and a graduate certificate in Ski Area Management, who loves the outdoors and all of the recreational activities it has to offer. My goal is to assist in travel and adventure while exploring the different issues and trends in the industry. I believe that experiences are everything in life and I love helping people have unforgettable ones.



I focus on anything off the beaten path! That's ecotourism, cultural tourism, and other authentic experiences that are more than just a vacation. I am committed to understanding your needs and discovering the perfect destinations for you, whatever your goal may be. I guarantee that your trip will be anything but ordinary with me!


Felecia is jumping into the world of travel after many years working as a General Manager in the food and beverage industry. Her love of travel comes from being a military spouse, which has allowed her to live overseas and enjoy beautiful destinations all over the world. Felecia also enjoys all things history, which makes her the perfect agent to book your study abroad trips!


I l'm a mother of four and I love to travel. I have visited every continent except Antarctica (but I'll get there). I will make your travel dreams come true!


Rigel is passionate about art, cities, and cultures - and is excited to share that love with others. He has traveled from Coast to Coast by train, spent a summer studying architecture in Italy, and has visited numerous cities throughout Europe. Rigel met his wife in England - they live together in Israel today.



I am an avid travel and it first started with driving cross country from Pennsylvania to California in 2007. In 2008 I decided to do a summer study abroad program in Belize where I studied environmentalism. I came back to California a changed woman! I then moved to San Francisco and continued my studies, focusing on Liberal Studies. After that, feeling a little direction-less, I decided to volunteer on the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras. Living on an island in the Caribbean was amazing, and I enjoyed scuba diving, walking through the jungle, being part of a different culture and really living my dreams! Now, I want to focus on helping others explore not only the world but themselves, as well.


Hello! My name is Tyler Manuel, and I'm excited to be on this team! I am a graduate of Geneva College with a Masters in Higher Education and a graduate from University of Glasgow in Scotland with a Masters in Museum Studies. I have always travelled from a young age and always continue to do so! My passion lies within education, culture and travel. I'm very excited to help schools and universities plan trips to many different places around the world and open their minds to many different neat things that the world has to offer! I am deaf with a cochlear implant (but I can hear really well with it!!) and a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to two girls and a boy!


While at New York University, I studied abroad in London and Paris focusing on art history and museum studies, where I experienced almost every local museum and art historical attraction in each city, which was one of the most valuable educational experiences of my life. Since graduating in 2018, I have traveled extensively across the world, visiting six continents. I believe learning is best done hands-on and outside a classroom, and I can’t wait to book and plan the perfect itinerary for your study abroad trip that you and your students will remember forever!


Hello, my name is Kelsi. I am here to help organize faculty-led study abroad experiences for university students. I have a MA in International Affairs and have completed multiple study abroad programs. I love travelling abroad and have been a English language teacher in Spain for the past two years. I am excited to help faculty members create exciting and instructive programs for their students.


I have studied tourism and I have been working this industry for 15 years and specifically as a study-abroad travel agent for 10 years. I have planned logistics for faculty-led groups coming to South America and for individual travelers who want to live a cultural immersion experience. I am from South America, so I have an extensive knowledge regarding the available options there. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will gladly help you to find and organize the most suitable option for your group.


Camila is a world traveler with a BA in Food Anthropology and a lot of hunger for all the food and culture that exist on earth. She has lived in Brazil, United States, Spain and Italy and has a great knowledge of what makes the best study-abroad itinerary for university students, as she has done plenty of that in life as well. Camila knows all types of travelling, from luxury tourism to backpacking around Asia, and she can provide you with the best experience that fits your budget, traveling style, and any other aspects of your personality.