University Students and Professor

Short-Term Faculty Led Programs

Start here if you're a faculty member interested in leading a short-term study abroad for your students.

Group Bonding

University Study Abroad Office

Faculty-Led and Long-term  Study Abroad

Useful information for study abroad offices about our services. 

Girl Power

Study Abroad Collaboration with Schools within the U.S.

Interested in teaming up with us to provide your students with a safe, quality study abroad program?  This is where to start.

Group Students Smilling

Study Abroad Collaboration with Schools Outside the U.S.

Are you an administrator from outside the U.S. that is interested in welcoming students to your university?  Check here for more information.

Day Trip

Teacher-Led Trips (US and Abroad)

If you're a teacher in Middle School or High School interested in providing your students with a truly unique learning experience, start here.

Traveling Abroad

Study Abroad Collaboration

If you are an administrator in Middle School or High School that would like to develop a program for students at your school, this is where to begin.

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