Educational Components

Embassy Visits

Visit the US Embassy in your destination country for information about the current relations between the United States and your country.

Guest Speakers

Local Experts share their knowledge in a vast array of subjects tailored to your group.

Local Student Meet & Greet

Have your students get to know students from the area to share experiences and learn from their peers.

Animal Observation

Visit conservation areas and study animals in their natural habitats.

Aeronautical Tours

Airplane factory tours and aeronautical centers offer a unique perspective on flight and engineering.

Company Tours

Get a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of organizations and how they navigate the local environment.

Culinary Tours

Experience the local culture through its unique cuisine.  Tour the areas best kept culinary secrets.

Medical Clinic Visits/Service

Visit and/or volunteer at a local medical clinic.  See how health care differs in other countries.

Art Exhibits

From the old masters to cutting edge modernists, exhibitions around the world be art to life for your students.  

Literary Focus

Tailor your trip around a literary experience. Follow the author's journey or a book's story.

Factory Tours

Tour a Factory that produces products unique to the local region.


Explore the history, art, culture and events that formed the region into what it is today.

Government  Tours

From Parliament Chambers and war rooms to old prisons and castles, experience the regions government system then and now. 

Science Experiments

Study the weather, physics, astronomy, volcanology by conducting experiments while travelling abroad.

Foreign Language Focus

Immerse yourself in foreign language through tours conducted entirely in your language of study.